The Logistics Section, headed by Deputy Chief Alan Storck, supports all areas of the fire department in providing the physical resources and needed maintenance and testing of equipment, vehicles, and facilities. There are 4 major areas of responsibility:

  • Facilities and Purchasing
  • EMS Equipment and Supplies
  • Uniforms and Protective Clothing
  • Fleet and Equipment
  • Purchasing

Facilities & Purchasing
This section represents the Fire Department on all new construction and remodel building projects. All facility and appliance repairs are scheduled and coordinated. They also purchase all supplies needed to maintain the stations. Purchasing involves:

  • Making sure all fire station bills (utilities, repair bills, etc.) are paid
  • Registering employees for requested training classes and conferences
  • Preparing check requests for per diem
  • Booking travel for the department

EMS Equipment & Supplies

EMS supply personnel purchase all EMS related equipment and supplies. They stock each station with the medical supplies and medications needed from the Logistics warehouse supply. Equipment is repaired and maintained onsite or is managed through maintenance agreements. They also coordinate medical waste pickups throughout the department.

Fleet & Equipment

The Fleet and Equipment Section is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of apparatus, along with the equipment which goes on the apparatus. They conduct research and evaluate products, develop specifications, and coordinate the purchasing and acceptance of new apparatus. Fleet personnel work closely with the City of Plano Fleet department to coordinate the maintenance and repair of all department apparatus to ensure a fully response-ready department.

Uniforms & Protective Clothing
This area is responsible for the purchasing and distribution of all uniforms and firefighting protective clothing. Backup protective clothing is maintained in many sizes, clean and available, in case front-line gear is contaminated or damaged during use. Many pieces of the uniform ensemble are also stocked. Most items can be replaced on a one-for-one basis. In the event that something is not available in stock, a uniform item can be ordered by Logistics staff.