Civil Service Examination

Plano Fire-Rescue is a civil service organization governed by the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 143. All applicants seeking an entry-level position must successfully complete the written civil service entrance examination which is conducted as necessary to maintain a hiring eligibility list. The civil service director maintains an employment hotline for Plano Fire-Rescue at 972-941-7402, which may be contacted at anytime for the most up-to-date information on the next entrance examination. Additional information may also be obtained at the City of Plano employment information page.

Additional Points for Ex-Military

Candidates who have served in the military and wish to receive an additional 5 points added to their passing score (70) must provide with their pre-registration packet, a photocopy of Form DD214, undeleted version, which indicates that the individual served a minimum of 180 consecutive days on Active Duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and received an “Honorable” discharge (the undeleted DD214 contains sections 23-30). General discharges under honorable conditions or any other discharges are ineligible. Please do not provide your original DD214.

Each eligibility list shall be in effect for 6 months from the date of the examination, unless exhausted earlier.