PFR Explorers

Plano Fire-Rescue Explorer training Opens in new windowThe Explorer program provides young men and women age 14 to 20 opportunities to explore the fire service as a career while providing experiences which help develop interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills. Explorers not only get an immersive first-hand look at the fire service, but they are also given the opportunity to enjoy organized social activities, competitive events, and community interaction while working in a professional atmosphere.

Explorers are exposed to all aspects of public safety, with a particular emphasis placed on fire and EMS skill sets. After the successful completion of the new Explorer orientation and basic training programs, Explorers receive a station assignment and are allowed to ride on Plano Fire-Rescue apparatus to emergencies, observing and providing supportive actions (such as rehab) during major incidents. The objectives of the Explorer training are to promote learning, teamwork, leadership and organization with a hands-on approach that allows the member to experience Fire-Rescue operations under the close supervision of professionals.

Plano Fire-Rescue Explorers January 2019

Requirements for Membership

  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • Must be a resident of Plano
    (or a surrounding city that does not currently have a fire Explorer program)
  • Must be fourteen to twenty years old and have completed the eighth grade
  • Must either be enrolled to attend, attending high school, graduated from high school or have a GED
  • Must maintain a minimum of a C average when in school
  • If a minor, permission from parents or legal guardian to participate in the Explorer Program is required
  • Must be able to attend a majority of program activities (Tuesday night meetings, weekend activities)

The Explorers maintain their own website which showcases their latest achievements.  Visit the Explorers website. 

Recruitment happens several times a year - usually in the spring and fall.  Applications are only available at the Explorer Open House.

Read Post 215’s 2019 Annual Report. 

For more information on the program please contact:

Lieutenant John Barrett
1901 K Avenue
Plano, TX 75074
972- 941-7653