Active Zoning Petitions

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ZC2019-007 - Request to amend Section 8.200 (Terms Defined) of Article 8 (Definitions), Article 22 (Signs), and related sections of the Zoning Ordinance pertaining to Signs.

ZC2019-017 - Request for a Specific Use Permit for Independent Living Facility.

ZC2019-020 - Request to rezone 3.7 acres located 400 feet west of Coit Road and 850 feet south of Legacy Drive from Single-Family Residence-6 to Planned Development-429-Neighborhood Office.

ZC2019-022 - Request to rezone 42 acres located at the southwest corner of Spring Creek Parkway and Jupiter Road from General Office to Planned Development-General Office. 

ZC2019-023 - Request to rezone 110.5 acres located at the southeast corner of Legacy Drive and Headquarters Drive from Central Business-1 to Planned Development-Central Business-1. 

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