Taxicab & Limousine Permit Ordinance

The City of Plano’s Vehicle for Hire (Taxi and Limo) Ordinance is available via the following links to the City of Plano’s Municipal Code library:


Sec. 11-101.  Policy statement
Sec. 11-101.1.  Penalties
Sec. 11-102.  Exceptions
Sec. 11-103.  Definitions
Sec. 11-104.  Reserved
Sec. 11-105.  Cruising

Sec. 11-106.  Vehicle permit required, exception
Sec. 11.106.1.  Permit application
Sec. 11.106.2.  Permit terms and conditions
Sec. 11-106.3.  Permit fees
Sec. 11-107.  Rear window decal, taxicabs
Sec. 11-108.  Insurance

Sec. 11-109.  Driver's permit required, exception
Sec. 11-110.  Qualifications
Sec. 11-111.  Application and fee
Sec. 11-112.  Investigation of applicant
Sec. 11-113.  Issuance and denial
Sec. 11-114.  Term of license; voidance upon suspension or revocation of state driver's license
Sec. 11-115.  Display of permit
Sec. 11-116.  Suspension and revocation
Sec. 11-117.  Appeal
Sec. 11-118.  Falsifying of a permit
Sec. 11-119.  Current mailing address of permittee

Sec. 11-120.  Rates of fare
Sec. 11-121.  Display of rates, taxicab
Sec. 11-122.  Meters
Sec. 11-123.  Parking on streets; driving through alleys
Sec. 11-124.  Reserved

For more information or assistance, please contact the city secretary at 972-941-7551.