Taxicab & Limousine Permit Application

Each taxicab and limousine driver is required to complete the driver’s permit application every two years.

Print out and complete a Taxicab and Limousine Driver’s Permit Application. (This information may be scanned and submitted via email to Taxi and Limo Permit Office.)

Taxicab and Limousine Driver’s Permits are issued from the Permits Coordinator. Please contact our Permits Coordinator via email or at 972-941-2507 if you have any additional questions regarding how to obtain a City of Plano Taxicab and/or Limousine Driver’s Permit.

Note: Driver applicants are required to re-apply once the current issued permit expires. The City of Plano does not offer driver’s permit auto-renewal nor the option to extend a permit past its' expiration date.