Safety & Complaints

If the Solicitor is still in the area, please report it to the non-emergency line (972-424-5678)
 and ask that an Officer be dispatched to your location.


If the Solicitor is no longer in the area, please: 

Safety Tips

  • Report any suspicious activity and call 9-1-1 if you feel unsafe at anytime.
  • Post a "No Soliciting" sign
    • Must be weatherproof
    • Sign at least 3x4 inches in size
    • Letters at least two-thirds of an inch in height
  • Do not let anyone enter your home under any circumstances.
  • The City of Plano requires a permit for commercial solicitation. Charities, non-profit organizations, and political solicitation do not require a permit but must obey the ordinance including avoiding locations with a posted "No Soliciting" sign.