Recall Petitions

Recall is the limited ability of citizens to petition to remove members of City Council from office prior to the expiration of their term. The Plano City Charter provides that recall may only be initiated against a City Council member on grounds of incompetency, misconduct or malfeasance in office. A recall petition form can be obtained here.

In addition to the state law requirements in Chapter 277 of the Texas Election Code which are applicable to recall petitions and which are set out in the overview herein, the Plano City Charter has rules for recall petitions in Article 6.

A recall petition may not be filed against any officer of the City of Plano within three (3) months after his/her election, nor within three (3) months after an election for that officer's recall.

The recall petition must distinctly and specifically point out the ground or grounds upon which the petition for removal is based with respect to the alleged incompetency, misconduct or malfeasance in office. The petition must specifically state each ground with such certainty as to give the officer sought to be removed, notice of the matters and things with which he/she is charged.

The petition must be signed by registered voters of the city equal in number to thirty (30)% of the number of votes cast at the last regular municipal election of the city, or one hundred fifty (150), whichever is greater. The precise number of signatures needed for a recall petition can be obtained by contacting the Plano City Secretary’s office.

The recall petition must be verified by oath as indicated in the overview herein. Signatures to an initiative petition become ineffective and will not be counted if they were placed on the petition more than forty-five (45) days prior to the filing of the petition.