Zero Waste Events

Planning a Minimal Waste Event

Next time you plan your party or event, think about making it a Minimal Waste event. A minimal waste event is defined as an event that diverts 90% or more waste from the landfill. This is accomplished by putting the principles of the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – into place.

Follow these minimal waste guidelines to help you plan an earth-friendly gathering.


  • Send out electronic invitations instead of paper.
  • Buy your foods in bulk, which means less packaging.
  • Request that guests make donations to local charities in lieu of bringing gifts.


  • Borrow decorations from friends or families for theme specific parties.
  • Use reusable linens, silverware and dishware, whenever possible.


  • If paper invitations are necessary, purchase invitations with recycled paper or that can be recycled.
  • Remind your caterers that you are working toward zero waste and to be mindful of their packaging – NO Styrofoam.

 Waste Containers

The more you can recycle and/or compost at your event, the closer you can get to zero waste. Having the correct waste containers on hand can make a big difference. You may choose to use your own containers for smaller events and place your recycled items in your curbside bin. For larger events, consider reserving recycling, waste and compost containers from us. These containers can be rented and serviced at your event for a small fee. By including an organic collection container as part of your waste stream – you can achieve even better diversion rates.