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to avoid the dangers of financial uncertainty and exploitation, and how to maintain a strong credit score
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Financial Literacy Initiative Receives National Award

Financial Literacy Initiative Receives National Award
Children's Books and Financial Discussion Guides

Children's Books and Companion Financial Discussion Guides 

As parents, you’re the top influence on your children’s financial lives. They learn from watching you earn, shop, save and borrow. You don’t need to be a money expert to help them start out strong. Try out these parent discussion guides from CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and start the conversation today
Discussion Guides

Watch the Personal Stories

Start Early Video

 Selam is a college student. As part of the Comet Cents program at UTD, Selam teaches her peers about important concepts like planning for your future, building your credit score, analyzing a job offer, and saving for emergencies…and for fun!

Make a Plan Video

 Andrea and her husband refused to be crushed by their debt. They took action, persevered in building new habits, and now have enjoyed nearly 20 years of financial stability. Avoiding the problem doesn’t make it go away.
Look Ahead Video

Diane volunteers with This Side UP! Family. Faced with financial challenges Diane made tough choices and got her financial house in order. Her kids were watching and now, as young adults, they find their financial freedom from using a budget to guide their spending.
Movie - Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions

Check Out the DVD

Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions

(NR, 56 min - 2014)

A mix of humor, on-the-street interviews and provocative insights from innovative thinkers explores why we spend, save (or don’t), and how we think about money. Host Dave Coyne travels from Wall Street to Main Street, and from Yale to the Santa Barbara wine country, to find out how our brains — and the marketplace — maneuver to get us to spend money we shouldn’t. A mix of fascinating theory and practical takeaways

Produced by Rocket Media Group, LLC in association with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and Maryland Public Television

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