Preservation Plan

Preservation Plano 150

Preservation Plano 150 is the guiding document for the city's heritage preservation program, establishing goals and objectives as Plano advances towards its 150th anniversary in 2023.  Divided into six chapters, the plan provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of preservation, key community partnerships, and goals and objectives of the preservation program.  

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Potential Heritage Resources

Since 1981, the City of Plano has identified potentially historic properties as part of the city's preservation plan.  In 2018, following a city-wide survey of properties and subdivisions built prior to 1970, the project team has updated the city's list of "Potential Heritage Resources."  The purpose of this list is to identify properties in Plano which have historical, cultural, archaeological, or architectural importance, either as an individual property or as part of a larger district.  These properties are not officially designated historic, but have the potential to be with more research, renovation, or property owner interest.  Preservation Plano 150 identified 15 individual properties, 10 cemeteries, and three districts as Potential Heritage Resources.  Click the tabs below for more information.

  1. Individual Properties
  2. Districts
  3. Cemeteries

The following properties have been identified as having potential for designation as an individual resource.  This list is informational only and does not subject any listed property to additional regulations, demolition restrictions, or architectural/design review by the Heritage Commission.  Formal designation generally requires an application by the property owner(s).

1108 11th 1306 14th1412 14th1820 14th
1212 15th1300 15th1300 16th808 19th
1601 alma1715 K1800 K1513 M
1512 N901 springbrook8005 Bishop

More Research Required

The following properties require additional research to determine their eligibility as Potential Heritage Resources:

1304 13th Street5395 14th StreetBishop Rd (Barn)
5845 McKamy Road3740 E Parker Road7676 Robinson Rd
1439 Wind Cave Circle