Small Cell Policy

Policy for Review of Requests for Placement of Commercial Antennas on City Property

This policy does not cover park property or right-of-way.

All applications for placement of commercial antennas, other than those used for City purposes, must contain the following:

1.       Sealed engineered drawings including a structural analysis to confirm the structure can support the equipment; for those building for which we have no structural as-builts, the burden is on the vendor’s engineer to make a nondestructive assessment and associated calculations; at no time would the City guarantee the condition of any drawings or existing construction – the structural engineer will have to verify.

2.       Installation drawings and pay for review of the installation drawings by the City’s third party waterproofing consultant, and inspection by that consultant at the vendor’s expense to verify building envelope integrity.

3.       Engineer’s design that describes what is needed to meet its power requirements; conduits and communications cabling should be depicted and the design must not disrupt building envelope integrity.

4.       Proof of easements sufficient to enable power coming from City property.


All applications for placement of commercial antennas, other than those used for the City purposes, will be reviewed for the following:

1.       Placement on buildings is prohibited if placement will compromise the integrity of the building.

2.       Placement on buildings is only allowed if there is sufficient room for the placement of the antenna and all other required equipment, and the placement will not interfere with other facilities on the building.

3.       Only one installation is allowed for each building, to preserve the aesthetics of city property.

4.       All installations must comply with the Zoning Ordinance.

5.       All roof top installations shall not be visible from streets and sidewalks

6.       Any installation cannot void the City’s roof warranties.

7.       If the proposed antenna is hard wired electric, submetering off of existing City panels is prohibited.


The applicant must agree that:

 If any leaks do occur and are traced to the equipment installation, irrespective of inspection at the time of installation, repairs shall be by City authorized vendors at the expense of the small cell vendor.