PFR Dollhouse BurnThe Plano Fire-Rescue Training Section has a staff of six training specialist and one administrative assistant. The primary responsibility of the Training Section is to help PFR members do their jobs better. Carrying out the responsibility entails meeting a long list of regulatory training requirements and tending to the unique needs of the organization. The Training Section uses an annual training plan and a monthly electronic magazine to deliver members live classes and online training. Classes includes major training exercises, driver training and officer training, pump simulator training, and recruit orientation training.  The Training Section also oversees the safety of all members. 

In 2017 the citizens of Plano approved a bond package for a new training facility.PFR Extrication Training The Training center will consist of classrooms, a six story burn tower, a single family burn structure, multi-family burn structure, and a simulated collapsed parking garage for special operations training. The planning process for the center is entering the final stages. It is anticipated that the final plan will be brought before council for approval in the first quarter of 2020. If council approves the plan, construction will begin in spring of 2020.