Small Cell Wireless Facilities/Network Nodes Outside of the Right-of-Way

This information is intended to assist the utility operator, contractor, and design professional to meet ordinance requirements for small wireless facilities or small cell – a specific type of telecommunications facility, also known as network nodes – located outside of the public right-of-way.  

There are two information sources for small cell wireless facilities to locate in the City of Plano:

Inside the right-of-way - Refer to the Engineering Department’s Small Cell Permits page and City of Plano Right-of-Way Ordinance; or

Outside the right-of-way - Refer to this page, its associated application materials, checklists, and Section 15.200 (Communications Antennas, Amateur and Commercial) of the City of Plano Zoning Ordinance.

Approval Process

Site Plan required - An approved site plan is required to erect or install a support pole, antenna, and related equipment in any zoning district. 

Permit required - A permit is required to erect or install a support pole and related equipment in any zoning district.  All installations must comply with applicable state and local building codes and the standards published by the Electronic Industries Association. Permits are obtained through the City’s Building Inspections Department.  The Building Inspections Department will not release a permit for the small cell wireless facility/network node or related equipment without approval of the required site plan from the Planning Department.

Other Documents

Nonresidential Development Application (Updated 9/2019)
Substantially Conforming Site Plan (SCSP) Checklist (Updated 9/2019)
Small Cell Wireless Facility/Network Node Design & Placement Guidelines
300 feet from a Heritage Landmark (H) or Heritage District (HD) – Zoning & Recent Development Activity Map  (Expand Zoning Data to option within Layer List)

If you need additional assistance or have questions, please contact the Planning Department at 972-941-7151 and ask to speak with a planning technician or planner regarding location of Small Cell Wireless Facilities/Network Nodes outside of the right-of-way.