Recycling Collection and Cart Information

Preparing Your Recyclables

  • Recyclables should be placed loosely in your recycling cart.
  • If we can't see it; it can't be recycled.

Shredded paper cannot be recycled in Plano. Please bag it and place it in your trash cart.

Cart Placement

Cart placement is vital to our collection service. Please adhere to the following guidelines so we may service your cart safely and efficiently.

  • Place carts at collection point by 7 a.m. on your collection day with wheels facing the garage and the lid opening toward the alley.
  • Allow a MINIMUM of 2 feet of space between your cart and fence and any other object, which may increase damage risk. (i.e., gas meter, mailbox, cable box, parked vehicle and landscape waste pile/bags)

Blocking Access to Carts

According to the City of Plano Ordinance, it is unlawful to stop, stand, or park a vehicle or trailer on public or private property preventing access to solid waste or recycling collection carts by a collection truck attempting to service the cart.


Damaged or Additional Carts

If you have a damaged cart or need an additional cart, contact Customer Service at 972-769-4150 or email.