Homeless Services


City of Plano - Homelessness Prevention Program: 

The goal of this program is to help prevent homelessness with limited rent and utility assistance. Learn more about Homelessness Prevention Program  

To apply, please call the Assistance Center of Collin County (972-422-1850)

Referrals to non-profits can be provided for the following services:
o    Rental assistanceo    Utility assistance
o    Employmento    Food
o    Health serviceso    Money management
o    Credit counseling


The following services are provided to individuals experiencing homelessness:

  • Shelter intake coordination
  • Visiting homeless encampments when reported by City departments or the public
  • One-on-one housing assessment and referral
    • Every Wednesday from 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm at Harrington Library - 1501 18th St. Plano, TX 75074 
    • As needed, at local hospitals admitting homeless individuals
  • Street Outreach
    • Beginning in 2020, every other month conducted at various locations across the City in coordination with the Police Department, mental health workers, and volunteers. 
  • Homeless Care Package Collection


HHSP Rapid Rehousing Program:

This program provides financial assistance and wrap-around services to aide families and individuals who are ready to obtain permanent/stable housing and prevent further episodes of homelessness.  Learn more about Rapid Rehousing Program

To apply, please contact RRH Case Manager, Mackenzie Harrington-Bain, LMSW at 469-562-3279 (office),  469-808-0999 (cell), or mackenzie@cityhouse.org  

For assistance with the above services or programs, please call  972-208-8150.

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