Implement Envision Oak Point

On August 10, 2020, City Council tabled consideration of the new zoning districts and the Plano Event Center zoning case pending outcomes of the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee.

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Sidewalk view of downtown storefront with eating patio and hanging plantsAs part of the community’s vision for northeast Plano in the Envision Oak Point plan, the City is preparing plans for a hotel and restaurant at the Plano Event Center site, 2800 E. Spring Creek Pkwy. Long-term plans include development of additional shops, dining, businesses and neighborhoods. These will serve the surrounding community and encourage reinvestment in the area.

To help this vision, City Council is considering two new zoning districts - the Neighborhood Business Design (NBD) and Residential Community Design (RCD). These districts complement one another by setting consistent standards for walkable shopping centers and supporting neighborhoods. Key features are 1- to 3-story shops and businesses, tree-lined streets, inclusive open space and plazas, and a variety of housing options. Plano Event Center is expected to be the first site to use these new districts because current zoning does not support the type of development consistent with the Envision Oak Point plan.

City Council invites you to share your feedback. Find information about how to speak at the Council meeting or provide written comments here. For more information, please contact Christina Sebastian.

Upcoming Action Dates

  • January 25, 2021 - City Council Meeting 
    • Receive public comment and consider adoption of the new districts and approval of the Plano Event Center zoning case (ZC2019-022).

Past Action Dates

  • August 10 – City Council Meeting
    • The City Council tabled the proposed districts and the Plano Event Center zoning case (ZC2019-022) to January 25, 2021.
  • July 20 - Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting 
    • The Planning & Zoning Commission held a public hearing and made a recommendation to Council for approval of the proposed districts and the Plano Event Center zoning case (ZC2019-022).

Neighborhood Business Design

  • Low-rise Buildings: 1-3 story (50 feet height maximum) 
  • Enhanced Streetscape: Trees and on-street parking, pedestrian amenities

The Neighborhood Business Design (NBD) district blends neighborhood-friendly commercial uses with walkable streets and charming storefronts, creating a “Main Street” feel. Adding businesses you can walk to supports a healthy lifestyle and provides jobs where people can work close to home.  

While developing the Envision Oak Point plan, 29% of respondents rated a new walkable activity center in Oak Point as their highest priority for economic development in the area. NBD builds on the Envision Oak Point Policy to “improve access to community amenities with a connected transportation system, increasing walking, bicycling and transit opportunities around Oak Point.”

Possible business types: 

  • Services (salons, banks, medical offices) 
  • Restaurants (sit-down dining, cafés, bakeries, food parks) 
  • Retail (small grocers, farmers markets, boutiques)
  • Individual residential units located above businesses

Residential Community Design

  • Compatible building design: 1-3 story (50 feet height maximum)
  • 8 diverse housing types
  • 20 dwelling units per acre maximum
  • Minimum 50% single-family detached and duplex homes

The Residential Community Design (RCD) district provides a mix of smaller-lot residential uses. 

Possible housing types:two-story town home in Rice Field from front

  • Small single-family 
  • Townhomes 
  • Duplexes
  • Some small multiple unit buildings (9 units or less)  

Envision Oak Point Policy encourages diverse housing and neighborhoods that support inclusive communities. The RCD district is designed to encourage a high quality of life for all ages, household types and income levels. The proposed ordinance includes a tiered system so the majority of homes are one- or two-family homes.  

Plano Event Center

The community vision for the Plano Event Center (PEC) site includes a pedestrian-friendly area with a mix of high-quality restaurants, civic space, hospitality and employment uses. The NBD and RCD zoning districts carry out this vision with their proposed neighborhood-friendly standards. City Council will hold a public hearing and consider the PEC zoning case. Visit the Zoning Case Response map (ZC2019-022) for more information or to provide feedback.