Gun Safety

While guns are kept for self-protection and for recreational sports such as hunting, they can, at the same time, represent a danger to people who are uninformed about the use and functions of weapons.

Almost half of US households own a minimum of one gun. Even if parents are convinced that their children will not find the hiding spots for guns, they are oftentimes able to locate them through their curiosity drive and persistence. Children are extremely vulnerable and will need to be protected from dangers, such as accessible weapons. Every year children are involved in unintended shootings that lead to injuries or even to death.

Preventative steps, such as “Don’t touch it”, “Go tell an adult”, and “Guns are ALWAYS loaded” are helping children internalize how to deal with a gun when encountering it in their own house or the house of a friend, relative, etc.


National Crime Prevention Council (McGruff’s 4-Steps of Gun Safety) 

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Activities for Kids

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Gun Safety Videos

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NSSF & Project ChildSafe (Parents Talking with Their Kids About Gun Safety)

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