Crime Statistics

Department Issued Reports

The Plano Police Department classifies and reports crime statistics according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Each month a report is prepared and submitted to the FBI, through the Texas Department of Public Safety, that reports offenses known to the Plano Police Department.

The Crime Analysis Unit also compiles a monthly summary and Crime Comparison report that is submitted to and approved by the Chief of Police that provides information regarding Part I offenses, calls for service, traffic crashes, arrests, and citations.

The Uniform Crime Report published by the FBI is the official crime report of the Plano Police Department. The information provided on this website is done so entirely as a public service.

The FBI publishes the annual UCR Report, Crime in the United States. The report is published in October of each year and covers the preceding calendar year. A preliminary report of the previous year's crime statistics is available on the FBI's website in June of each year.

Helpful Resources

Public Safety Performance Dashboard

The City maintains an online dashboard application that is designed to help improve the transparency of City operations and share information about key services the City provides for the public. The dashboard is interactive and includes charts, summary data and GIS maps, which allows the public to easily access and download up-to-date information about public safety activities and track the City’s progress towards meeting it's performance targets.

The City plans to expand the dashboard to incorporate data for services provided in all areas of governance, including community and economic development, health and sustainability, community and cultural services, and finance and management.

The public safety dashboard can be viewed online.