Alley Speed Bump Program

Safe Streets Program

The Safe Streets Program was sunset by the City Council on March 6, 2009. For speeding issues on residential streets, contact the Plano Police Department at 972-208-8055 or submit an online traffic enforcement request here.

 Alley Speed Bump Program

Alleys are a major component of the street system within residential areas. Because of various design constraints surrounding residential alleys (i.e.; fences, building lines, trees and shrubs), speeds in excess of 10 mph can present safety concerns. Because of this, the Alley Speed Bump Program was instituted in 1977 to address speeding concerns in alleyways.

 Program Process

The process may be initiated by any City of Plano resident who may be experiencing a speeding problem in his / her alley or alley section. The resident who initiates the complaint will also serve as neighborhood sponsor. The process is initiated by calling the Transportation Engineering Division at 972-941-7152. The process requires that a petition be circulated through the proposed area(s) that will be affected by the speed bump installation. One hundred percent (100%) of the residences along the proposed alley section should be notified and a successful petition must have 2/3 of the residences in the survey area in favor of the installation. In addition, the residents will be required to pay for 2/3 of the cost of the installation.

What Will Happen?

After being contacted by the neighborhood sponsor, the Transportation Engineering Division will do the following:

  • Visit the complaint location to evaluate the problem.
  • Determine the placement locations of proposed alley bump(s), if recommended.
  • Determine the petition area.
  • Estimate the installation cost.
  • Create a map of the area that includes the alley section.

All of the information, including the area map, petition area, cost, detail of a typical alley speed bump installation, and petition form will be mailed to the sponsor. The sponsor has 60 days to circulate the survey, gather the needed signatures, and submit the required amount to cover their portion of the installation. The neighborhood sponsor is contacted, and advised of the planned alley bump installation schedule.

 What If I Want Alley Bumps Removed?

The alley bump removal procedure uses the same petition and survey area process as with installations. Existing bumps must have been in place for at least one year before a removal process may be initiated. There is no cost for removal, once the petition is approved.

Please contact the Transportation Engineering Division at 972-941-7152 if you have any questions or need more information on the Alley Speed Bump Program.