Street Light Requirements

Dark Skies Lighting Program

City Council has recently approved a new type of “dark skies” lighting for residential areas. This type of fixture is designed to focus light downward, making the night sky much more visible.

Homeowners interested in changing out current lights for the new “dark skies” type of lighting, should be aware that there are additional costs which they will be responsible for at the time of upgrade.

Please contact Don Griffin, P.E., Senior Engineer, at the City of Plano for more information about how to make the stars brighter in your neighborhood at 972-941-5352.

Street Lighting Requirements & Requests

Residential Criteria

  • All lights will be 100W HPS.
    • Lights will be placed at all street intersections except at major thoroughfares where median lighting is existing.
    • Lights will be spaced a maximum of 600 feet along streets.
    • Lights will be placed no closer than 500 feet except for intersections, in cul-de-sacs, and where curves, grades, etc., require additional lighting.
    • All cul-de-sacs longer than 200 feet from centerline of street to center point of cul-de-sac shall have a light at the street intersection and at the end of the cul-de-sac.
    • All severe street corners, cures, etc. shall be lighted.
    • Lights shall be placed so as to gain the maximum use of existing and proposed physical characteristics.
  • All intersections of residential or collector streets and unimproved major thoroughfares shall be lighted with temporary 250W HPS lights. Where there are no wooden poles for installation of such lights, poles shall be installed at the expense of the developer.

 Residential Requests

If a request for an additional street lights is wanted closer than the City of Plano standards listed above, the requester has the responsibility of participating in the cost of having the street light(s) installed. This would require the following:

  • The requester must submit a petition requesting the street light, from the homeowners within 300 feet of the proposed street light, to the City of Plano. For the City of Plano to approve any participation in the cost of installation, the petition must be signed by a minimum of 80% of those living within 300 feet of the proposed street light and signed by the homeowner whose property the light will be located on.
  • If the first item is completed, then the homeowners would be required to participate in the cost of the installation of additional street light(s) with the City of Plano paying one-third of the cost and the requesting homeowners paying the remaining two-thirds. (The approximate cost for installation of a standard galvanized steel pole and light according to T.U. Electric is anywhere from $1,600 - $2,400 depending on location of existing electrical service.)
  • With the approval from the City of Plano and cost participation from the homeowners, the city will request that the appropriate electric company gain any necessary easements and install the street light. In some instances the homeowners adjacent to the proposed street light may be required to provide an easement for electrical service to the light.