Smoking Ordinance Information

Plano Smokefree Regulation

The Plano Smokefree Regulation became effective June 1, 2007. The regulation restricts smoking in all public places and places of employment. It is generally accepted that the use of cigarettes, second-hand smoke, and other tobacco products constitutes a hazard to a person's health.

The ordinance was amended on July 28, 2014, to include e-cigarettes, vaping and electronic vaping devices in the definition of smoking and tobacco products.

The purpose of this regulation is to improve and protect the public's health by eliminating smoking in public places and places of employment.

Good Health is Good Business

The following places are specifically excluded from the Smokefree Regulation:

  • Outdoor places of employment except with 25 feet of any door, operable window / vent or other opening to an enclosed area.
  • Private residences, except when used as a childcare, adult day care, or as a health care facility.
  • Retail tobacco stores in stand-alone facilities.

The Smoke Free Regulation requires businesses to:

  • Signage: Post signage at each front / back entrance and restroom entrances within the building or premise where smoking is prohibited. Signs shall have bold lettering, not less than one inch in height. The international "No Smoking" symbol above may also be downloaded here for use.
  • Action: All of the following steps must be taken:
    • Advise any person who is smoking in a non-smoking area that they are in violation of the regulation.
    • Call 972-941-7143 to report non-compliance
    • Do not provide ashtrays, lighters, matches, or other smoking related paraphernalia.
    • If the person willfully continues to smoke, request that they remove themselves from the establishment.
    • Post signage as described above.

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