Love Where You Live

About Love Where You Live

The Love Where You Live program, sponsored by the City of Plano and its partners, is a neighborhood revitalization initiative. It is comprised of 2 major components: social transformation through education, awareness and neighborhood engagement; and the physical transformation through neighborhood cleanups and home repair projects. The goal of the program is to keep our Plano neighborhoods beautiful, safe, and stable; and to connect residents to each other, the City and our volunteers who are ready to serve.

The City works in a neighborhood for at least a year, conducting monthly resident meetings and coordinating two service days, where hundreds of volunteers from across the DFW metroplex take part in the physical transformation of the neighborhood. Through the process we identify resident leaders, strengthen communities and re-instill a sense of pride where our residents can once again love where they live. View a map of all our Love Where You Live neighborhoods (PDF)

Current Project

In May 2019, Love Where You Live began working in the Douglass Community. Work will continue through May of 2020. Here is a map of the Douglass Community. 

More Information

If you have any questions, or would like more information about Love Where You Live, please contact a Neighborhood Planner at 972-208-8150 or email.

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