Commercial Security Assessment

Determining the Security Status of Your Building

A commercial security assessment is an in-depth and confidential, on-site examination of a physical facility and its surrounding area. The assessment is conducted to determine a facilities security status; to identify deficiencies or security risks; to define the protection needed; and, to make recommendations to minimize criminal opportunity.

A crime prevention practitioner will evaluate the commercial property with the security director or other management personnel for the facility. Suggestions and recommendations for all security issues during the assessment will be presented with a minimum and maximum level. The minimum level recommended changes or additions can generally be implemented with little investment or time. The maximum level recommended will be cost-effective changes or additions that will provide the greatest amount of security attainable.

In general, most commercial sites have done a very good job with their overall security. Our crime prevention practitioners strive to stay current with up to date innovations in the ever changing security market. By offering this free service to all commercial facilities we try to attain the highest level of safety for the business, its employees, and the general public.