Permits Applications

Permit Applications & Fees

  • Animal Establishment Application - $75
    Animal establishment means any permanent facility or business that has custody or control of animals within the City of Plano including, but not limited to, pet shops, boarding kennels, or animal auction facilities. This term does not include veterinary or medical facilities, research or other facilities licensed by government agencies, wildlife educational centers, or zoological parks.
  • Animal Exhibition Information and Application - $25
    Animal Exhibition means any temporary spectacle, display, event, exhibition or act featuring performing animals, including but not limited to circuses, pony rides, animal exhibits, weight pull events, and petting zoos. Such exhibitions shall not include resident or non-resident dog and cat shows which are sponsored by the Animal Services Division. For this definition, temporary shall mean lasting seven (7) days or less. Any application that is submitted less than fourteen (14) but more than seven (7) days in advance of the exhibition shall be subject to a $10 expedited processing fee. Any application that is submitted seven (7) days in advance of the exhibition or less shall be subject to a $25 expedited processing fee.
  • Commercial Breeder Application - $75
    Commercial breeder means any owner who breeds animals and/or transfers ownership of more than 12 animals or more than two litters, clutches, or other groups of offspring (whichever is greater) of any breeding animal during any 12 consecutive month period to another person for the purpose of breeding, show, personal pet, slaughter, or resale to a third person.
  • Multi-Pet Permit Application - $15
    Any person desiring to keep more than ten (10) adult animals in any single-family, residential zoned property, no more than four (4) of which may be intact, or more than five (5) adult animals, no more than one (1) of which may be intact, in any duplex or multi-family residential zoned property must first obtain a Multi-Pet Permit.
  • Pet Grooming Facility Application - $50
    Pet grooming facility means an establishment that provides basic grooming for domestic animals but does not routinely board animals for a fee. For the purposes of this chapter, a veterinary clinic that provides basic grooming is not a pet grooming facility.
  • Wildlife Education Center Application - $200
    Wildlife educational center means an organization that has met all of the state and federal requirements to possess and display wild or domestic animals for educational purposes.
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator Application - No Charge
    Wildlife rehabilitator means a person holding all current state and/or federal permits needed to temporarily house the native wild animal species in their possession with the goal of rehabilitating the animal(s) and releasing it back into its natural habitat in accordance with all state and/or federal laws.


  • Cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard in the shelter
  • Cash or check only in the field