Fire Safety Clowns

Fire safety charactersFire Safety for Elementary School Children
Each school year, the Plano L.A.F.S. (Life and Fire Safety) characters present to the students of Plano Elementary Schools.

If you are a Plano ISD elementary teacher and are interested in having the Plano L.A.F.S. characters visit your school this year, please contact the Community Outreach and Education Office at (972) 941-7421. The program is offered in September
and October.

Do You Have a Smoke Alarm In Your House?
Smoke alarms are your nose at night. At night when you are sleeping, a smoke alarm will wake you up if there is a fire in your house. Some things to know about smoke alarms are:
Have a smoke alarm on every level of your house.
  • Have a smoke alarm outside of your bedroom door.
  • Check the battery at least once a month.
  • Change the battery twice a year.

If you have gas burning appliances in your house be sure and have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

If Your Clothes Catch on Fire
  • Stop where you are, running makes the fire bigger
  • Drop to the ground
  • Cover your face so you don't breathe the smoke
  • Roll all around until the fire is out
  • Just remember Stop, Drop, and Roll

Also, stay away from hot things like stoves, space heaters, matches and lighters. These things are tools to be used by adults and not for play. And remember always be safe because there is only one you!

Escape Routes
You should always have an Exit Plan for your house. Here are some things to remember: If the smoke alarm goes off while your sleeping you should:
  • Roll out of bed.
  • Crawl to the door.
  • Feel the door for heat and if it's hot don't open it. Go to the window ( remember your second way out).
  • When you get out of your house, stay out. Don't go back in for anything. ( Not even your teddy bear)
  • Go to your meeting place and wait there so that everyone will know that you got out OK.

Remember...always be safe