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The BEST Neighborhoods Division strives to enhance Plano neighborhoods through responsive programming and collaborative partnerships between neighborhoods, community volunteers, and various City departments to obtain long-lasting and tangible results.This Resources page is intended to help neighborhood leaders and residents incorporate best practices, connect to city resources (scroll to the bottom of the page), and learn practical tips on engaging neighbors.

We are always looking for new ideas to share with neighborhoods across Plano. How do you welcome new neighbors? Have you read a neighborhood-related book you would recommend to others? What icebreakers and activities have brought your neighborhood closer together? Do you have newsletter tips for other neighborhoods? Let us know!

We are also looking for feedback regarding this new web page. Let us know about the format, content, and more. To provide feedback, please click on the button below. 

Contact BEST Neighborhoods at or call 972-208-8150.

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Local Leadership Programs

Interested in growing as a leader within your Community? The City of Plano has a variety of programs that can help grow your leadership skills as well as expand your knowledge about city operations and best practices. 


Looking for More?

Are you interested in additional resources and professional development as a neighborhood leader? Check out the following nationally and locally recognized organizations and associations that support neighborhood leaders.