Sep 18

Marley & Minerva

Posted on September 18, 2020 at 3:54 PM by Autumn Stimpson

I adopted both of my cats from the Plano Animal Shelter. My first was (Laverne or Shirley) back in 2007, who has long since been renamed Marley. Back in 2018, I adopted a pet just for her who went by the name Meowzy Cyrus -- now Minerva. To say the least, they have both bonded and are spoiled rotten, but it brings me joy that both my babies were found here and are still alive and well. :)

two cats cuddled together looking at camera
Aug 24

KitKat & Goldentooth

Posted on August 24, 2020 at 2:39 PM by Autumn Stimpson

Both of my daughters wanted cats, at least one of which had to be an orange tabby. We saw Hudson and Whitten (now KitKat and Goldentooth) and fell in love with them. Not wanting to separate them we took both of the boys home. They are now two happy kitties. Goldentooth likes to waltz around the house with a toy mouse in his mouth and KitKat is a total lover. 

two orange cats cuddled together, one looking at camera
Aug 17


Posted on August 17, 2020 at 1:33 PM by Autumn Stimpson

I decided to adopt Oli in March of 2020. Oli from the beginning was absolutely a perfect match. I always heard stories of owners meeting their dog and feeling this feeling that it was meant to be, but I always thought that was some kind of exaggeration, but I was wrong. When I met her she was shy and took a while to warm up, next thing I new she balled up in my lap and fell asleep. I finally knew “that feeling” that everyone talks about when they get picked by their dog. However, when I brought her home I was immediately remorseful and scared I made the wrong decision about getting a dog. I was scared of how my life would change and if I could give her the love she deserved. Puppy blues came and went, and I am so glad they’re gone for good because Oli is the light of my life. She’s my swimming buddy, adventure dog, and we go everywhere together. I hope to make her as happy as she makes me and everyone she meets. I cannot thank the Plano Animal Shelter enough for all their support

Black dog reclined on bed looking at camera