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Oct 06


Posted on October 6, 2020 at 10:14 AM by Autumn Stimpson

On September 22, 2018, I fell in love with the most amazing dog. After graduating from college, I decided it was time to get a dog. After lots of searching, finally, this little poodle mix named Shiro popped up on Petfinder. I knew immediately that was my guy.

When I got into the shelter, we were led into a private room to meet him. He was so scared when he came in. Without a second thought, I brought him home, and thus, Hamlet became apart of my family. His first year was difficult. But even through all of the scary hard times, he was the sweetest, most loving, goofiest dog. 

Over two years after we have had him, he is still all of those things and more. Now, he loves walks, cuddling, sniffing outside, peanut butter and sweet treats, and running in any stretch of open land. Our family feels so complete with him here. Thank you to the Plano Animal Shelter for helping me find my baby and taking care of him until I could get there! Your work has changed not only his life but mine. 

White poodle mix dog looking at camera with purple "birthday boy" bib on