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Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt


Cottonwood Creek Trail, North

Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt

Cottonwood Creek Trail, South



Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt is a regional trail that follows the eastern edge of Plano, connecting from Richardson to Allen. This trail is part of the 2001 Six Cities Trail Plan between the cities of Allen, Frisco, Garland, McKinney, Plano and Richardson, which includes a total of the 8.5 miles of trail through Plano. Of that 8.5 miles of planned trail, there is currently about 3.8 miles constructed.

Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt, North
Cottonwood Creek Trail North is a 12-foot wide trail that extends 2.6 miles south from Chaparral Road to underneath Los Rio Boulevard, connecting directly into Oak Point Nature Preserve. Construction of the trail completed in the fall of 2019. This segment of the Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt will also eventually connect to the future lighted athletic fields at the Moore Park site. The planned athletic fields will be part of a future project as funding is identified.

Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt, South
Currently, Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt south of Parker Boulevard comprises two segments totaling 1.2 miles, including a connection to Stoney Hollow Park. There is also a planned 1.5 mile trail connection currently in the design phase. Once completed, the planned segment will connect the existing two segments, creating a total of about 2.7 miles of connected trail. Please refer to the Cottonwood Creek Trail South project webpage for more information. This connection can also be found in the current Plano Bicycle Transportation PlanSix Cities Trail Plan, and Collin County Regional Trails Master Plan.

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