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Lt. Russell A. Steindam Park

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Lt Steindam Park Renovations Site Plan.pdf


  1. Baby swings
  2. Hike and bike trails
  3. Playground
  4. Practice Fields
  5. Volleyball poles on multi-use court
The park is currently closed for renovations. We anticipate construction to be complete by early September 2020. Improvements planned for the park are:

•  Drainage improvements to the practice fields
•  Erosion repair and turf replacement along Reunion Drive and Quincy Lane
•  A new trail connection to join the adjacent sidewalks at the northeast and northwest corners of the park
•  A new irrigation system
•  Tree additions throughout the park
•  Removal of some of the declining Hackberry trees* with an alternative tree variety on the north side of the park, with progressive replacement in years to come.

*Please note that selective removal of the Hackberry trees over time will be necessary to achieve a better long-term tree health plan for the future enjoyment of park patrons. Trees are important to us, and careful consideration is given prior to their removal. As these trees are progressively removed over the future years, replacement will take place with a more resilient and better-suited species. The Parks and Recreation Department continues to install many trees in parks, street medians and public buildings.

Lt. Russell A. Steindam Park is a neighborhood park with playground, shade pavilion, picnic tables, grills (1), drinking fountain, hike/bike trail, and open sports practice fields (first come, first served). This park, named in 1993, honors Lt. Russell A. Steindam, Plano's only Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Lt. Steindam was killed in Vietnam in 1970 and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 1971 for actions during the Vietnam conflict when he fell on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers.

Map of Lt. Russell Steindam Park (PDF)