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Shady Brook Trail


Shady Brook Trail Repair Location Map


  1. Hike and bike trails
  2. Practice Fields
Shady Brook Trail is a greenbelt park with a hike/bike trail and open sports practice fields (first come, first served).

Map of Shady Brook Park Hike and Bike Trails (PDF)

Shady Brook Trail Repair at Woodland Creek Drive 
Plano Parks & Recreation will demolish and rebuild a segment of the shared-use Shady Brook Trail near Woodland Creek Drive. First established in 1994, time and harsh conditions in the flood plain have taken their toll on this segment of trail necessitating repairs. The trail will be rebuilt 10 feet wide with additional drainage measures to address some of the flooding that occurs on the trail. The project is expected to begin in late summer 2019 through early fall 2019.