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Genealogy Interlibrary Loan

  1. Interlibrary loan ( ILL ) is a service provided to obtain materials which are not available through the Plano Public Library (PPL). Please fill out the request form below and submit when completed. The information will be verified and sent to the ILL office where a search is performed on a database that includes over 6,000 institutions nationwide. The time required to receive materials varies greatly due to factors such as the location of the lending library and the availability of the item requested. A good rule of thumb is three to six weeks. There is no charge for using the for ILL system; however, we do pass on any fees other libraries charge for loaning their microfilm. You will be notified if there is a charge. You can then decide to accept or not accept the charge. You will be notified over the phone when your material arrives.  Loan periods for ILL materials are determined by the lending institution. Renewals are not allowed on these materials. Microfilm can only be viewed in the Genealogy Center, located in the basement of Haggard Library. Please note there is a ten item limit per month per household for ILL requests. If you have any questions regarding interlibrary loan, please call 972.769.4240.

  2. Patrons will be charged a $2.50 postage/courier fee for each ILL item requested and received. The postage fee applies whether or not the item is picked up by the patron. If a request is made but no lending library is able to provide the item, the postage fee will not apply. ILL requests cannot be requested or filled if unpaid fees on a patron account exceed $5.00 when combined with the ILL fee. Please pay any fees owed prior to making a request.

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    I acknowledge and agree to pay ILL postage/courier fee mentioned above for each of my Interlibrary Loans.

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