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Photograph Authorized Use - Genealogy

  1. Genealogy Center - Plano Public Library

  2. The Library encourages use of reproductions in publications and public displays. Photographic material may not be reproduced or published without permission of Plano Public Library (PPL). Written permission must be obtained by completing the Photograph Authorized Use form below.

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  4. Cost

    Reference Use - $1 per image Private Use - $5 per image Nonprofit Use - $10 per image Commercial Use - $25 per image

  5. Format / Resolution

    JPG - 300 dpi or TIFF - 1200 dpi

  6. Genealogy Center provides image files of photographs from its collections with the understanding that such images are intended solely for use by the applicant.


    Permission is for one time use only, as described on this form and with no other rights. Any subsequent use constitutes re-use and must be applied for in writing to the Genealogy Center, Plano Public Library. Each photograph must be credited to Plano Public Library - Plano, Texas. This permission form pertains to the use of still images in print, broadcast, video, film exhibitions, CD-ROM, Internet or any other photograph of electronic medium. DUPLICATION BY THE LIBRARY IN NO WAY TRANSFERS EITHER THE COPYRIGHT OR PROPERTY RIGHT NOR DOES IT CONSTITUTE PERMISSION TO PUBLISH IN EXCESS OF FAIR USE.

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  14. Please mail payment to:

    Genealogy Center - Plano Public Library - 2501 Coit Road Plano, TX 75075

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